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Young Adults

Young adults today are more stressed than the rest of the population, according to studies by the American Psychological Association. The millennial generation—those between the ages of 18-33—are at a crucial transition point in their lives. Many are leaving home for the first time and are striving to succeed in college, land a good job, pay off enormous student loans and establish themselves and their families in a turbulent economy.

We have seen evidence of this as greater numbers of young people are coming to Samaritan seeking help for depression, anxiety and other effects of excessive stress. Many are experiencing loneliness and isolation; they feel crushed by mountains of debt, high expectations and unforeseen crises.

The good news is that young men and women are interested in getting help. They want to find out “who they are” and how to navigate through these challenges.

If you are a young adult who is considering counseling, Samaritan can help. Our therapists will empower you to manage stress effectively, develop healthy habits and achieve your life goals.

Samaritan therapists are licensed professionals who have earned at least one Master’s degree, are trained and experienced in best practices in the field, and engage in ongoing education. Moreover, they provide Christian counseling and faith-based counseling in general within the context of your religious beliefs without attempting to impose a particular faith doctrine. Call 412.741.7430 or start here to make an appointment. Download the Personal Information form.