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Did you know that in the U.S.

  • One in eight women suffers from depression?
  • Women are twice as likely as men to struggle with anxiety disorders?
  • Women are 29% more likely to be poor?
  • More than a quarter of a million women suffer abuse each year?

65% of the people who seek counseling at Samaritan are women. They are struggling with depression, abuse, troubled marriages, divorce, parenting issues, the stress of caring for elderly parents, financial shortfalls—and sometimes all of these things at once. Women tend to nurture and take care of others at the expense of their own health and self-care. Moreover, hormonal changes are often contributing factors to depression and anxiety disorders in women.

More than half of the women seeking care at Samaritan lack the resources to pay for counseling, which is why our Silent Samaritan Fund was created. Silent Samaritans are caring donors who support this vital Fund, empowering women to regain their strength and rebuild their lives. (Watch Mindy’s video.)

Although most Silent Samaritans have traditionally been women—hence our motto Women of Strength Helping Women in Need—we encourage both men and women to help us maintain this Fund. The Fund allows Samaritan to provide assistance to hundreds of women in crisis each year! For every $150 donated, we can provide at least five hours of subsidized counseling.

Please—reach out and help a woman regain her strength by becoming a Silent Samaritan!

Donate Now and call 412.741.7430 to learn more.