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Partnerships in Ministry

Sewickley Presbyterian Church

Miraculous things happen when ministries partner to change lives! Partnerships in Ministry include churches of all denominations that enter into a working partnership with the Samaritan Counseling Center. This partnership benefits the pastor, the congregation, and the mission of Samaritan.

At the core of these relationships is a common purpose: to help people find healing, hope and holistic wellness, strengthen their spiritual walks, and provide one another mutual support to achieve this purpose.

By joining Partnerships in Ministry, congregations agree to support the Samaritan Counseling Center financially as an extension of their ministry and use the Center as a referral source for counseling, education, and consultation. Samaritan, in turn, provides churches vouchers for free counseling, one hour of educational programming annually at no cost, and consultations between our clinical staff and pastors. Learn more or call us at 412.741.7430 if you are interested in joining our Partnership.

Samaritan’s Partnerships in Ministry: