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Corporate giving is a vital means of support for Samaritan. When businesses contribute to us, it not only helps our bottom line, but also demonstrates a mutual belief in the value of one another’s services. Furthermore, it fosters a “culture of giving” in the community and promotes positive public awareness.

Not only does Samaritan benefit from corporate giving, but as a business donor—or WELLPartner—you can also reap healthy benefits, such as a free workshop or seminar presented at your site by Samaritan therapists. For example, you may feel your employees could gain from a workshop on stress management. Samaritan can tailor a program to meet your employees’ or customers’ needs.

WELLPartner Annual Giving Tiers and Corresponding Benefits

$1000+ Wholeness Tier Employee and/or customer workshop
Leadership Lunch ’N Learn
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$500–$999 Enrichment Tier Leadership Lunch ’N Learn
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$250–$499 Loving Life Tier Director’s Coffee Klatch

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