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Churches of all denominations support Samaritan. Why? Because the mission of our ministry aligns with the values and beliefs of many church bodies. For example, Samaritan serves people by helping them to:

  • Enrich their spiritual walks
  • Achieve whole health and wellness through faith-based care (including financial aid for counseling services to those who qualify)
  • Strengthen their marriages and families
  • Discover God’s purpose for their lives

We understand the many challenges that individuals, youth, couples and families face in today’s culture. Trauma, unemployment, financial worries, overwhelming stress and mental health disorders all contribute to the growing need for professional therapy. What makes Samaritan the organization of choice is our faith-based, holistic approach to treatment. If the mind, body and spirit—whether separately or simultaneously—are unhealthy, then the person suffers in every dimension of his/her life. We help people integrate faith principles into healing and rebuilding their lives.

Samaritan has and continues to present Minute for Mission and other messages to area churches as well as Sunday School presentations. We care and we’re here to help—but we need your support. If you are a pastor, ministry leader or church member, please consider including Samaritan in your mission budget. You can also support Samaritan while gaining important benefits by joining our Partnerships in Ministry program.

Donate Now or call us at 412.741.7430 to learn more.