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Grief Support Groups

Man and Granddaughter

We Know It Hurts and We Can Help

Grief has a huge impact on your physical body as well as on your mind and soul. When grieving the loss of a loved one, you face difficult adjustments. Participating in a Grief Support Group will help you work through these adjustments. You will also learn how to practice self-care and manage your life as you journey toward healing.

Samaritan offers two or more Grief Support Groups annually. Held once a week for six weeks, the Groups are an hour and a half in length, held in various locations and are led by trained professionals.

Samaritan’s Grief Support Groups also provide:

  • Faith-based support
  • Resources to help you understand the grieving process
  • Opportunities to talk to others experiencing similar feelings

Furthermore, there is no cost to you.

Additionally, Samaritan provides a LOSS Group (Losing a Loved One to Suicide Support), designed especially for those who are suffering a loss due to suicide. A nominal fee is charged.

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