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Rock Climber

Your Journey to Becoming Your Best Self

Are you ready to live your life to its fullest potential? Coaching isn’t just for athletes anymore! Thousands of people have discovered the life-changing benefits of working with a personal coach.

Samaritan offers the services of certified coaches who specialize in Executive, Pastoral and Life Coaching. We’re here for you regardless of your stage of life or what you want to accomplish. Your Samaritan coach will help you to explore your needs, set goals, and determine what it will take to help you succeed. You will learn how to stay focused, move forward and gain skills for handling challenges along the way.

What makes Samaritan coaching unique?

Our coaches are experienced at incorporating the value of faith, should you so desire. Furthermore, our core belief in the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit enhances the effectiveness of our coaching services.

We not only help you make your life better, but we make it easier, too.

Building a strong relationship with your coach is very important. However, we understand you have a busy schedule. Consequently, your coach will work with you over the phone, through email or via Skype in addition to face-to-face. The choice is yours.

Learn more or call us at 412.741.7430 to get started.