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Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Has your relationship grown stale, taken a wrong turn, or reached the point where things have gone dreadfully wrong? Can you salvage your relationship—and is it worth salvaging? When your life together has become unmanageable, it often takes a third party in the form of a skilled therapist to provide clarity and direction.

First, know that you are not alone. Over the course of time, all couples experience changes in their relationships. When these changes become negative, you owe it to yourselves to get help. Whether you are a married or unmarried couple, or have been together for a short or long period of time, counseling will help you develop new and effective ways to communicate and resolve conflicts. Together with your therapist, you and your partner can correct destructive patterns and replace them with healthy ones.

Samaritan therapists treat couples who are experiencing difficulties in many areas such as infidelity, finances, intimacy, anger, abuse, in-laws/extended family, past hurts, and conflicts in parenting—to name a few. The process requires a lot of work and commitment—but it’s well worth the effort.

Samaritan therapists are licensed professionals who have earned at least one Master’s degree, are experienced in best practices in the field and engage in ongoing education. Moreover, they provide Christian counseling and faith-based counseling, in general, within the context of your religious beliefs without attempting to impose a particular faith doctrine. To make an appointment, please call 412.741.7430, email info@samaritancounseling.net or click here for helpful information on what to expect and how to gain the most from your counseling experience.