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Psychological Assessment of Adults

Psychological Assessment of Adults

Psychological Assessments are often used by medical personnel, law enforcement, religious institutions, vocational and other professional organizations to learn important information about their patients or candidates. Assessments can indicate the way people relate to others, manage their feelings, make decisions and other relevant information.

Psychological assessment is a highly individualized approach that uses a variety of methods to gather information about a person. The process can include:

  • A clinical interview with a psychologist
  • Standardized tests
  • Reviews of educational or health records
  • Interviews/surveys of others who play a significant role in the person's life

Each part of the battery deepens the emerging picture of a person’s cognitive, emotional, social and vocational functioning. Another key part of the process is the feedback session, which helps the person being assessed to make changes and work toward goals. 

Psychological assessments at Samaritan are administered by Lori Cangilla, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist with specialized training in personality and career assessment. To learn more or to schedule an assessment, please call 412-741-7430. Download brochure.

Please note that Samaritan does not provide:

  • Psychological assessment for children
  • Neuropsychological assessments
  • Documentation for educational accommodations
  • Evaluations for worker’s compensation, Social Security Disability or other government benefits
  • Forensic, court ordered or custody evaluations