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"Safe church was such a blessing! It enabled us to talk through so many of the realities of childhood sexual abuse and gave us the framework to create a meaningful policy and approach to change our church's culture to an ongoing space of safety for children."

Lori Bass-Riley, Director of Children's Ministry at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church

“The SafeChurch training was extremely beneficial in helping our church make our campus a safe and secure place to grow in the Lord. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and always accessible.” – Andy Hromoko, Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church

The SafeChurch Project has been implemented in numerous churches across the nation and the demand continues to rise. In Western PA, the Samaritan Counseling Center is the SafeChurch Project Director. To date, 60+ representatives from 14 churches have participated in our SafeChurch program. Statewide, more than 100 churches have completed the training. SafeChurch has also been implemented in Texas, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Georgia and Oregon.

SafeChurch empowers faith communities to become informed, proactive leaders in the movement to end child sexual abuse. Representatives from participating churches learn to foster a culture of engagement and advocacy for keeping children safe in their church environment, home, school and the broader community.

2017 SafeChurch training will begin Saturday, January 21, 2017.
LOCATION: Christ Church at Grove Farm
TOPIC: The Abuse of Power; Challenge of Leadership and Impact of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Long and Short Term

All sessions will take place on Saturdays from 9 AM-noon...

February 18
TOPIC: Responding to Survivors of CSA and Stages of Healing

March 18
TOPIC: Sexual Offenders and the "Grooming" Process;The Biblical Story of Tamar

April 22
TOPIC: Reporting in PA; Mandated vs. Permissive Reporting and Clergy Privilege

May 20
TOPIC: Forgiveness: A Complex Issue for Survivors; Review of Policy Development

SafeChurch 2017 Course Overview. DOWNLOAD brochure.

REGISTER NOW. Please call us at 412-741-7430 with your questions.

SafeChurch training includes "Tamar Speaks," an inspirational retreat for survivors of CSA and a customized educational event for your church which are included in the cost.

Interested in learning the history of SafeChurch? The Samaritan SafeChurch program was developed in Lancaster, PA by Linda Crockett, counselor, author and human rights activist. LEARN MORE...