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Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion. But expressing anger in unhealthy ways not only damages your own health and well-being, but can also bring pain and suffering to others.

Aggressive anger can lead to acts of violence. Those who lash out aggressively when they’re angry often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. However, passive anger is also unhealthy and detrimental to your relationships with others. It can bring about the same physical, mental and emotional ills caused by aggressive anger.

How do you know if you (or someone you know) needs help? Do you find yourself...

  •  Frequently arguing with others at home, work or anywhere?
  • Striking your spouse/partner and/or children?
  • Threatening and/or intimidating family members, colleagues, neighbors, etc.?
  • Holding in your anger, then exploding at a later time?
  • Dwelling on your anger? (refusing to forgive; replaying situations over and over in your mind; formulating ways to get back at the people you are angry with)
  • Engaging in self-defeating behaviors? (absence from work/school; withdrawal from family/friends/social situations)
  • Throwing or breaking objects during angry outbursts?
  • Driving recklessly when losing your temper on the road?
  • Having run-ins with law enforcement?

Led by John Brookman, a licensed therapist who is certified in anger management, Samaritan’s Anger Management Program helps you gain critical tools for managing your anger in healthy ways. Call us at 412.741.7430 to get started.