Samaritan Counseling Center

Center for Clergy and Congregational Care

Center for Clergy and Congregational Care

Even the healthiest congregations and most dedicated pastors face conflicts that can tear a ministry apart. Often, an impartial, outside professional is needed to help find solutions. However, there need not be a crisis to benefit from our services. Samaritan provides programs specially designed to enrich the lives of persons in ministry as well as the health and effectiveness of congregations as a whole.

The purpose of Samaritan’s Center for Clergy and Congregational Care (CCCC) program is to educate, strengthen and support members of the clergy, church staff and lay leaders in congregational ministry. We accomplish this through faith-based professional services, including consultation, counseling, spiritual direction, educational workshops and assessments. Moreover, Samaritan’s Executive Director is certified by Holy Cow Consulting to administer the CAT—Church Assessment Tool.

Research indicates the need for clergy and congregational care is widespread and transcends religious denominations. Consequently, the CCCC initiative was developed by the Samaritan Institute for Samaritan Counseling Centers throughout the U.S.

Samaritan’s CCCC program provides professional supportive services in five major areas:

If you are a pastor, we encourage you to sign up for our free Pastors’ Breakfast and Training Events. For more information, please call 412.741.7530, x404.