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Joe Messino

Joe Messino

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"I have been in the nutrition and natural health industry for over 25 years. Managing the aging process is a passion of mine. It all starts with what we put into our mouths! Using whole food ingredients, organic whenever possible and clean cooking methods (no microwaves or deep frying in hydrogenated oils) it isn't hard to eat towards a healthy aging result.

Of course even doing all of the above you still need good quality nutritional supplementation as well.

But, this is about food and cooking and.....
"Being 105% Italian means it also has to taste good! I've already taught my four-year-old granddaughter to make amazing meatballs!"
-- Joe Messino

For the 50 Fabulous Men Who Cook Charity Event benefiting the Samaritan Counseling Center
I'll be making a family recipe invented by my Godfather, Joe Valentino called Italian Chili or as I renamed it for this event, Italian Godfather Chili.

And I'm hoping to have both my Godfather, and my granddaughter there to help!




Italian Godfather Chili is different from regular chili in several ways. The meat of choice is fresh Italian hot sausage from Labriola's and there are no beans! The rest is a family secret and you'll just have to come to the event to sample it!

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